WeVideo Classroom: Can students download their videos?

I have a question about WeVideo Classroom. I’d like to use this next year for my online Public Speaking course. Part of the course is peer evaluation, so I will need them to also be able to post their videos on our LMS in addition to them getting their assignment grade. Are students able to download their videos from WeVideo Classroom, or do they only have that ability on the personal editor?

Hi Sue!

Once students have submitted a video in Classroom, they can download it. Check this image… look at the bottom right:

Yes students can download their videos but I wish we could get the link to them.

Right next to the download button is the “Save to Drive” feature… students can save videos to Drive, and then you can get a link to access there.

You can also have those same options in your teacher side, under the assignment. As long as the student has submitted their video, you can download it, or Save to Drive.

Or do you mean the internal WeVideo link to that video?

Yes I meant the WeVideo Internal link. We do not have Google drive in our district. They are used to copying the link and pasting in Schoology assignments.

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Thank you so much! This is exactly what I wanted to know.

The direct link would be nice as well. Then students can view each other’s work there.

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Agreed! I think that would be a nice feature suggestion.

This is one of the challenges I have with the new Classroom vs. using Groups-- there’s definitely some difference in functionality.

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